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Many people appreciate Britain’s butterfly fauna and are aware of some of the threats faced by our native species. However, possibly because of their largely nocturnal habits, the general public is often unaware of how attractive and threatened some moths are. Bats are similarly misunderstood and unjustifiably feared, perhaps because they are not often seen at close quarters.

A public event is an ideal way of raising the profile of moths and bats, and NMN 2010 provides a particularly rich opportunity for public event organisers as the combined focus offers much of interest for attendees. Previous NMN events have often involved the use of bat detectors in addition to moth traps, and this is indeed a winning formula.

If you are organising a public moth event and would like to find someone with bat knowledge to assist please make contact with your local bat group, who may be able to help. A list of local bat groups can be found here. Similarly, organisers of events with a bat focus may contact County Moth Recorders, Butterfly Conservation Branches or local moth groups to ask for advice on finding a suitable person to bring moth knowledge to their event.

Leaflets about bats, moths and NMN are available from
Laura Wiffen, Butterfly Conservation, Manor Yard, East Lulworth, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 5QP or 01929 406009.

The weather conditions are key to the success of any public event, as cold, clear and windy conditions will reduce the number of moths and bats on the wing. Rain is not necessarily a bad thing if it is not too heavy. However, event organisers may like to consider alternative activities, such as slide shows, discussion of moth recording techniques/equipment, and other nocturnal wildlife, in the event of adverse weather conditions.

If you are organising an event and would like it to be listed on this website please complete the online form. We would be pleased to hear feedback about public events from organisers (e.g. how many people took part) and receive photographs for inclusion on this website, or for publication in the account which will be published by Atropos. Please contact

For details of public events in your area click on the relevant part of the map.

Please note that many of the events are organised by individuals, groups or organisations independent of Atropos, Butterfly Conservation and Bat Conservation Trust. We cannot accept any responsibilities or liabilities arising from NMN.

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