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You can take part in National Moth Night in any way you choose. This might involve running a moth-trap in your garden or in the countryside, using a bat detector to identify bats, looking for moths at your kitchen window or at blossom, attending or organising a public event, or travelling further afield to search for unusual species. National Moth Night is a great opportunity to raise awareness about moths and bats, so why not get family and friends involved in whatever you do?

The last time NMN was held in May was the year 2004, when a total of 421 moth species were recorded from sites around the British Isles. This is a particularly interesting time of year with some very spectacular and attractive moth species on the wing. Bats have emerged from hibernation and are forming nursery colonies in preparation for the birth of their young.

The records from participants across the country will be pooled into a fascinating summary of what was on the wing on National Moth Night, and published in the journal Atropos. If you take any photographs of activities or species recorded on the night please e-mail to for possible publication in Atropos or in a future update of this website.

Please ensure your moth and bat sightings are submitted by 1 December 2010. Records submitted after that date will not be included. Please send in your sightings via the data submission form

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